Hotels Booking

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Travel e-Connect- Provides Hotel Booking Engines At An Affordable Cost!

If looking for a well developed hotel booking engine to go on your site, going to Travel e-Connect is all that you need to do. With this booking engine you will be able to sell hotel rooms to the clients using your site to travel both in the country and outside.

We offer you an API based solution that helps you offer clients with all the required information on your site, enabling them to reach to that final decision with ease. Our team would carry out API integration in a way that people visiting your site have access to complete and latest information coming from valid sources.

The hotel booking engine developed by the Travel e-Connect team promises multiple benefits to the travel agents, the most important one being conversions. We will give you an API that contains all basic components starting the hotel list for bookings to online reservations to cancellations or rescheduling. The tourists can easily compare prices and then make bookings for the one that fits with the needs and this is going to rise up the stability meter of your travel portal.

We will integrate out a complete notification mechanism in the APIs along with the multiple payment and cancellation options, adding to the overall convenience of the tourists. With Travel e-Connect, you can get B2B, B2C hotel booking engine, API integration, site development and white label solutions all tailor made to match your business needs falling well within your budget

We promise to provide you with a booking engine that promises to raise the bar of customer service to a great extent!