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Responsive Web Development!

We design & develop for the mobile web for smooth user experience. Mobile means lots of different devices and form factors. We make your site responsive, clean, and user-friendly on multiple devices and layouts. Sometimes different devices call for different layouts.

Media requirements are different in mobile network constraints and very high resolution screens set a conflict that can be challenging. Users expect a fast, seamless experience on mobile. We will go over optimizing various performance metrics to improve the experience. Touch input is fundamentally different from mouse input, and requires us to think about user interactions differently. Well go over UX concerns with touch-based interaction. Mobile devices have a full array of sensors usually unavailable on desktop. There is geolocation, and other sensors, feedback you have access to on mobile and the APIs give mobile users new ways to interact with our site.

Responsive Web Design is a term for a set of techniques that enables website to adjust its layout as its viewing environment most probably, the size and orientation of the screen changes. It includes techniques such as:

To help users whose devices have low or expensive bandwidth, one can optimize images by loading images appropriate to the device screen size, resolution. One can do this in CSS by querying for screen height, width ratio. One can also use of CSS properties to implement visual effects like gradients, shadows without images.