How We Work

Spysr Software Development Process for building Search engines, integrating payment gateways, smartphone apps and mobile websites has been perfected by working with our clients over so many years. Our development process builds on our technical expertise in different programming language , different payment gateways ,mobile platforms, our understanding of the complete smartphone ecosystem, and our years of experience in working with Enterprise customers on their mission critical systems.

1. Usability and User Design

Search engines, Mobile application or website needs to be designed keeping potential user in mind. We analyze how customer would use it, and go through each customer flow, especially the negative flows. Design in kept intuitive so that the user is never more than 3 clicks away from an action. Before design, list of targeted handsets is defined.

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2. Development Process

We follow Agile Process variant SCRUM as a development process. A high level project plan is created before the start of the project containing list of milestones. Weekly Project Review meetings are held with customer and daily SCRUM between the project team members. We follow feature driven development which includes weekly demo of the Website, mobile application to stakeholders for getting early feedback.

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3. Collaboration Tools

Project Management - JIRA, Rally, Trello, Asana

Bug Tracking - JIRA, Bugzilla

Source Control - GIT, SVN

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4. Project Team Structure

We believe in flat empowered teams and encourage developers to take control of, and responsibility for, their own work. Our Agile team are taught to care about producing value, make their own decisions, and take responsibility. This however does not come at the cost of quality and process. Each team is ably supported by Technical Architects, Project Managers and dedicated Quality assurance resources.

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5. Maintainable Code, Architecture

During the Technical Architecture phase, Spysr team identifies architecturally significant use cases, studies the non functional requirements for mobile application or website, and uses design patterns for creating the Technical Architecture. A solid foundation goes a long way in creating an app or website which is adaptive to future needs from the users or changes in mobile platform. Developers write highly modular code which is easily maintainable.

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6. Reusable Code / IPs

Spysr has compiled standard features commonly used in the mobile apps and websites as reusable modules. These modules help us to cut down the development time, and reduce the time to market for your mobile application. Some of the modules which we have developed include – Gesture Library, Animation Library, Payment Gateway Integrations, User Authentication, Configuration Module, Accessing Web Services Module, Date Picker module and more.

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7. Smartphone Ecosystem Experts

Customers benefit from our understanding of complete Smartphone Ecosystem consisting of:

Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android)

Mobile Ad Networks (AdMob, InMobi)

Mobile Analytics (Flurry, PercentMobile)

Payment Systems (Paypal, MasterCard)

Mobile App Marketing.

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8. Enterprise Systems Knowhow Process

Customers benefit from our understanding of complete Smartphone Ecosystem consisting of:

SOA, Web Services

SAP, ERP Systems

Sales Force Automation

Legacy Systems

Enterprise Integration

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